Self Confidence

Self Confidence

Self confidence is one of the key elements we need to build, nurture and support our goals. When life delivers lemons, we need self confidence to prepare for battle and make thing right.

Without self confidence, there isn’t enough stability to hold your ground when push comes to shove. Without self confidence, there is no strength to change things, to make thing happen out of thin air.

So, how to we raise self confidence in ourselves and in others?

A good coach can do this. Some coaches are into a more “brutal” approach, using a “tear-down” method of one’s ego before they rebuild. I don’t know about that.

What I do know is that having someone else notice something positive and sharing it with the is powerful.

It may take a number of times before it starts to ink in, but it will. Like laughing, there’s something about validation that lifts people up. It’s so simple, yet so, so powerful!

It’s easy to see the in effect with children. Tell a child she’s “doing a good job” and instantly, you’ll see their head lift up a little, they’ll hand up just a little taller. It’s amazing to think that we can build up self confidence in people—even ourselves—with some positive reenforcement.

Self Confidence Quotes

Self confidence quotes are valuable. They offer instant motivation and clarity. They’re easy to remember and can raise spirits instantly.
You can find self confidence quotes, of course, on line.

What’s more important is where you place them in your environment.

A good way to decide which self confidence quotes to put where, think of the time of day you will be in the location where you would see them.

For instance, in the morning, you might want to have one that get’s you going on all cylinders maybe in the corner of your bathroom mirror or by your coffee maker.

A quote in a frame, for mid-day support, could be on your desk. Maybe for evening time, a quote that gets you to reflect on the positive things that happened that day, could go your refrigerator or bed stand.

We also need it for action. I’m talking about knowledge. Information on how to accomplish things and reach our goals.

Self Confidence Definition

Self confidence is a belief in oneself that we can can do something, we are capable of making something happen the way we want it to.

Beyond moral support from people and quotes, self confidence is built out of action. When we start out with something new, we’re terrified, uncertain, even awkward. But as we begin to try, our self confidence quickly grows. Something that we were afraid of becomes second nature that we excel at.

So, we have to try new things… the things we are terrified of. It is the surest way to build self confidence with permanency.