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My Philosophy

Life is a funny thing. It comes with no instructions or road map. It’s unpredictable, unforgiving, ever-changing…, and yet if we learn how to control it, life can be glorious.

But why are so many of us unhappy? How come it can feel like the world is pushing back at every good thing we try to  make for ourselves and the people we love?

A lot has to do with the way we see things and how we respond or don’t respond.

With the wrong attitude, we can fold and withdraw ourselves; first from one thing and then another, until we have withdrawn from life altogether. The worst part is, we don’t even know we’re doing it! We just become complacent or accepting to the way things are.

The worst thing you could ever do is withdraw from something difficult. It weakens us; it lowers our self confidence.

What’s interesting is, it can only happen when we believe that something or someone is stronger than ourselves. And that’s never the case. Each of us always has something that we’re better at than someone else. It’s what makes each one of us special and great.

Lemon TheoryTM is based on the concept that we are invincible, and through adversity we grow stronger. more capable and better.

In other words, our attitude towards opposition is something we should use to our advantage. Just like the art of Jujitsu where you use the opposing energy of your opponents to take them to the mat, we can use what life gives us as fuel to make things better. That’s where our slogan “Even when life gives you lemons” comes into play.

If you look at opposition in your life as something to overcome for something better at the other side, life can become more enjoyable, not to mention more glorious.

Adversity is the catalyst for betterment.

I became a competing bodybuilder at age 50. Most people thought I had lost it, “Blanca has gone over the deep end,” some said. But I followed through. And if I had looked at the pain, injuries and exhaustion as something to resist, I would have never made it.

A good example that applies to anything we want to make happen in life is, the stress that weights put on muscles cause your muscles to break down. But then, they rebuild and become stronger, to be able to withstand the stress of the weights the next time. It’s really miraculous when you think about it!

Life works that way. If we deal with the pressures (people and things) that challenge us, we grow stronger. Our self confidence builds… everything builds and we become stronger individuals!

Failure is misunderstood to mean, if we didn’t make something happen the way we wanted it, we’ve failed. Not true. We can only fail when we say, “I GIVE UP!” What people misinterpret as failure is actually the repeated efforts to build confidence, ability and understanding about what we’re pursuing.

There’s a sensible way to approach your life for success and happiness. Lemon TheoryTM is the road map you were never given when you were born. It’s okay, better late than never, right?

Lemon TheoryTM is a practical approach to getting what you want in your life. It is how you get to where you want to go by correctly responding to the many things that get in your way!

Life is not simple. What we see as important to have, others may not agree with. There are people we don’t want to offend, things we don’t know, support we don’t have, guidance we don’t get.

Life has a way of wearing us down. The bottom line is, if we don’t know how to effectively deal with the challenges that come our way, we become weaker, less confident. Lemon TheoryTM is your “Jujitsu”. It’s your road map to becoming stronger and smarter when life gives you lemons!

What exactly is Lemon Theory?

Lemon Theory is a step program that builds upon itself. In other words, follow the game plan and achieve incredible goals. 

It consists of exact steps that you are able to follow. It’s the road map to where you want to go in your life!

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