Law of Attraction

Use the Law of Attraction 
to Your Full Advantage

This article explains how you can use the power of Attraction to get what you really want in life. I’ll explain what the Law of Attraction really is and what it isn’t, and provide you with some effective methods to really make it the Law of Attraction for you!

The Law of Attraction Explained

So what is the Law of Attraction? It is a universal principle that likenesses attract one another. 

Everything in the universe vibrates, including human beings. This goes all the way down to the atomic level. Atoms even vibrate. 

It isn’t visible to the naked eye, but we know, through science, that different vibrations do exist. 

Humans emit different vibrations, depending on their mood, through thoughts and feelings. Different emotions give off different vibrations.

To keep this simple, the main point here is that if you have negative thoughts and feelings, they are transmitted outward and you will get negativity in return. 

This is because of the scientific rule of equal and opposite reaction to an action. In other words, if something flows out, then something of equivalent will flow in. 

On the other hand if your thoughts and feelings are positive then you will attract positivity back to you. You will also manifest the things that you really want in your life.

man thinking_the law of attraction


This may all seen very mystical, but if you realize that the lower vibrations (emotions, thoughts and feelings) are destructive. Just think of how you want to smash a plate of throw something and break it when you’re really mad. That’s a manifestation of these lower vibes.

The higher vibrations have a more constructive, nurturing effect. When we’re coming up with ideas, planning for the future, writing poetry, etc., for example, these are examples of higher vibes.

So the way to use the Law of Attraction to get what you really want is to send high energy, positive thoughts and feelings outward. How? A million ways, but for example, through a smile, with acts of kindness, by being polite or considerate, by outwardly showing feelings of happiness, caring or empathy. Just know that they way you feel is emanating outward for other people, things and the universe to experience.

Think of what happens when you tell at a stranger, there’s an immediate drop in emotion in that person, and they will usually give you a pretty equal response of anger right back at you.

Just the same, you can often give a friendly gesture of some kind, to quickly get back something similar. Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time, but that’s because of the lover vibrations the other person is already experiencing. But if you were to see this one day after day, they would eventually come up to your vibration.

It’s powerful… almost magical. 


law of attraction_magical sky

What the Law of Attraction is Not

The Law of Attraction is not some mystical spell. You may have heard that some people just wish for something good to happen in their lives and the Law of Attraction manifests this for them. The book and movie The Secret certainly suggests this.

You certainly need to focus on what you want to get it, but it takes more than thought itself. When you have clarity of thought and focus of what you want, you will open doors, to be able to manifest your desires. But that is not the end of the story.

Taking action is the other necessary part. Just as important as positive thought, you have to DO THINGS to bring about change or make something out of nothing. 

Some people say they have used the Law of Attraction to win the lottery. Whether this is true or not is hard to tell, but in order to win the lottery, these people needed to take action. They had to purchase lottery tickets and choose the numbers that they wanted to play. And most successful people, if not all, will tell you, it takes A LOT more than buying tickets to something to make something significant happen.

When you are working on your plan for your goal, you will send the right signals outward. This will strengthen your connection and help bring about what you really want. You will find that someone becomes willing to help you with something, things will happen almost automatically sometimes. 

Just remember that sitting on the couch thinking and hoping will never achieve anything! If you get the ball rolling, and hold a positive attitude, anything becomes possible!

Woman managing work on greenhouse

There are three additional things that you can do as well as what you have learned so far to harness the power of the Law of Attraction:

Envision What You Really Want

The greatest athletes picture what they want and what they want to achieve. They do it all the time. Successful entrepreneurs do too. If you’ve ever wondered how one or two individuals on a sakes team get 80% of the sales, you will inevitably find that they imagine beforehand that the person they are going to sell to says “yes” and buys on the spot. 

It may seem magical, but the power of positivity, visualization with the effects of action can make you unstoppable! Another way of putting it is, if you can manifest it in your mind, you can make it come happen in the universe.

These positive vibrations will come from the work that you do each day to achieve your goal.

We recommend that you create a statement for yourself and read it out loud every day. This is affirmation. Here is an example:

By December 31, 2021, I will have $500,000 in my possession, and this will be an easy sum of money for me to earn. I will earn this amount by providing a lot of value to people who need or want what I have to offer them. I will give them more than they ever expected from me for what they paid to me. I will help a lot of people, which will allow me to earn more money. I see myself with the money in my hands, I can see all of the money with my eyes, I can smell the money with my nose. I see the smiles on my customers’ faces and feel the happiness I helped them experience.  

Be sure to write your statement down on paper and carry it around with you at all times. Read it out loud when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed.

Imagine that you already have what you really want

You will send out very strong vibrations to the Universe if you imagine that you already have what you want in your life. One of the best ways to do this is to use visualization. Here you will see yourself with the thing that you really want. You need to add strong emotion here by imagining how you will feel when you have what you want.

It is not that difficult to visualize. Some people find it really easy to do while others take a bit of time to master it. It is a very powerful tool so keep at it until you can visualize on autopilot. 

Believe in the Law of Attraction and that you will get what you really want

You need unshakeable belief in the Law of Attraction and total belief that you will achieve your goals and get what you really want. This means that your belief will not waver if anyone tries to talk you out of it or you read something that says it is all nonsense.

There is no miracle fix here. You just need to strengthen your belief in the Law of Attraction and your goals every day. Reading your Universe statement and reflecting on your goals every day will help to do this. Developing your mental toughness is also going to help you.

In the next article, let’s discuss how you can increase your confidence levels to get what you really want…