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Blanca McMurray, Founder of Lemon Theory
Blanca McMurray; Creator of Lemon TheoryTM

About Blanca

I’m an average person with an above average attitude. 

I have had 24 years experience as a life coach, whether as a mom, a sister, a friend and in a professional capacity, helping others on how to have more and create a better life.

I came to America, and become a permanent resident and then a US Citizen at age 11. 

I graduated from high school and then from Cerritos Cosmetology School of Beauty and passed State Board of CA. Then I started my first business as a stylist.

I got married and had two beautiful boys. Moved to Italy to serve with my military husband in the US Navy. Became a member of the Oak Leaf Club, military wives club. We were involved with charitable projects. I learned to speak Italian and lived in Italy for 3 years.

Started my life long journey for self-improvement and self-empowerment. I realizing my dream of fitness by becoming an NPC Champion Bodybuilding Competitor.

I made fitness and health part of my life and teaching my children and others about the importance of it.

I found the power in my words to motivate others to strive for more in all aspects of live.

Being proactive to keep learning new things and sharing with others all that I learn.

Keeping joy in mind, working hard isn’t so bad if you find some fun while doing it.

Learning to ski, getting my motorcycle license and driving a race car.

Giving back, serving others, volunteering with different groups: Agape Global Mission in the Phillipines, Los Medicos Voladores in Mexico and Cal CareForce.

Found writing as a tool to share with others what I learned to improve my life.

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