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Blanca McMurray; Creator of Lemon TheoryTM

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Although I am a bodybuilding champion, I’m no different than anyone else. I bleed when cut and tears come from my eyes when I cry. I feel and I fail…just like everyone else. 

We are human beings and all have challenges, but we also have opportunities. It’s what we do with them that makes the difference.

The movie, Walk the Line, which is based on the famous singer Jonny Cash’s life, is a great example that shows we’re all human, have flaws and struggle, no matter how successful one might appear to the public.

How do we deal with opposition? In what way to we act: with reaction or action? Does failure incite you to become better, or does it cause you to stop?

Does success make you complacent…satisfied enough to stop moving on the escalator of success and happiness? 

However you respond to life’s happenings, there’s always something to learn and room to improve. 

I’m an average person with an above average attitude. 

I have had 24 years of experience as a life coach; whether as a mom, a sister, a friend and in a professional capacity helping others on how to achieve the life they want and deserve.

I came to America as a young girl and become a permanent resident and then a US Citizen at age 11. 

I started my first business as a married, and had two beautiful boys and became involved with charitable projects.

And at age 48, I found myself feeling depressed, without any purpose. My boys had left the nest and I had no one to help or a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It was then I started my own journey for self-improvement and self-empowerment. At age 50, I realized my dream of fitness by becoming an NPC Champion Bodybuilding Competitor.

The truth is, what ever we put our mind to, we can make happen. It’s just about understanding how things work, knowing what to expect, and how to deal with things  problems, feelings, emotions, negativity…) as they happen—an they most certainly happen—a lot.

I made fitness and health part of my life, and teaching my children and others about the importance of it.

Being proactive to keep learning new things and sharing with others all that I learned, I found the power in my words to motivate others to strive for more in ALL aspects of live.

Keeping joy in mind, working hard isn’t so bad if you find some fun while doing it. Giving back, serving others, volunteering with different groups: Agape Global Mission in the Philippines, Los Medicos Voladores in Mexico and Cal CareForce, and one-on-one with amazing individuals like you.

—Blanca .

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