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Have you ever wondered how some people are so confident that they seem to be in control of everything around them? You know exactly who I’m talking about…
They never hesitate to confront someone who would otherwise be intimidating. They say and do what they want, when they want. They have the best, most loyal people who support and defend them.
It only makes sense to think that these people are special in some way. 
They were born with a “fearless gene” or gifted with an “above average” mindset, right?
But what if anybody could have this level of confidence by employing a few simple tricks? And what if you could teach your children, or even your parents, partners or close friends…to be this confident?
Hi, my name is Blanca! If you’re like most people, you probably have at least one area of your life where you could stand to have more confidence.
Maybe it’s talking in front of groups, or you become tongue-tied when ever you run into a certain person … the possible scenarios are endless. The point is, we all have things we want to excel in more than we do.
It makes no sense, but there it is—every day—weighing on you, holding you back, keeping you from speaking up, hesitant or really nervous. Or maybe you feel withdrawn and self-conscious, feeling in some way inferior to someone or something.
Speaking from personal experience, I used to be uncomfortable and nervous around other women at the gym. I felt like I was less than them in some way. It’s hard to explain, but you know what I mean. It was like I was certain that I would never be able to be like them, even though it was something I wanted more than anything at the time.
I had plenty of “sensible” reasons why I would never amount to anything even close to those girls physically. For one thing, I was twice their age. And that, just by itself, weighed heavily and fueled my lack of confidence.
That’s a picture of me to the right. As you can see, I wasn’t born with special genes. I’m normal like everybody else.
It may not show in the photo, but I had challenges with my weight. It took a lot for me to lose even a few pounds.
At the gym, I felt underdeveloped, overweight and overwhelmed at the thought of ever coming close to what I wanted—an amazing body as a result of the hard work I was putting in.
No matter what I did, my weight and muscle tone remained the same. That of course made me even more negative about ever achieving what I wanted in this area of my life. To quickly fill you in…
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I was an empty nester. I found myself without purpose. I had dedicated my life to my two boys, but when they left for college, I felt unimportant … lost, of no great value to anyone.
Realizing I was not being very rational, I decided to do something important for myself for a change. I began to take exercising a little more seriously, and that’s when I ran into my Achilles heel…
I always considered myself a confident woman for my entire life. But there I was, feeling inferior to the female bodybuilders who were not only stunningly beautiful, but their bodies were perfect specimens from where I stood.
I strongly believed—because of my lack of confidence with this—that it was something I would never be able to obtain. But, oh, was I wrong! Once I overcame my lack of confidence with it, this is what I was able to achieve…
That’s me, second from the left, on stage at the national championships! Let me be clear…
It still sometimes seems like a dream to me, and I have to pinch myself. The reason I’m telling my story with you is because I want to show you what I did to stop low-confidence, no matter where it exists in your life.
Now, right now, you’re probably explaining why your situation is unique, and nothing could possibly allow you to rise above that fear or discomfort you feel about it every time you think about having to do whatever it is. I get it … you think you’re an exception to the rule. But listen clearly…
I’m here to tell you that that’s exactly how I felt, and it’s just not true!! With 100% certainty, I can tell you that YOU ARE ABLE TO QUICKLY OVERCOME ANY LACK OF CONFIDENCE YOU MAY HAVE IN YOUR LIFE.
I am living proof that the impossible IS POSSIBLE, and the many other women I’ve shared my journey with are living proof. And there is absolutely no reason to have to suffer with the burden of low self-esteem or a lack of confidence, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.
I want to show you how you can quickly gain control of inferior feelings, backoff, fear … however you see it.
It just takes having a better understanding of what confidence actually is and how and why this creeps into your life, until one day you realize you can’t do something. If this goes unchecked, it begins to creep into more areas of your life, until one day, you’re avoiding life, avoiding promotions, avoiding what you used to love to do…
But, this is about to change for you because…
I’ve boiled down the exact 7 most effective steps to becoming self-confident where it’s lacking.
From my own experience as a national bodybuilding champion of the most unlikely kind, I’ve been able to help a lot of women with a simple, step-by-step training system that I learned out of my own insecurities and fears within the bodybuilding arena. And it will work ANYWHERE in your life…

I call it 7 Days to a More Confident You!

In my program, I am going to teach you how to become as stable as a rock, confident like a lioness, and more outgoing than ever before … to the point where it would make even the most powerful people in your life take notice (and maybe even a little intimidated) of the new, confident you!

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7 Days to a More Confident You

Step-by-step action program for quickly building confidence where you need it most, within 7 days! 

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

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Here’s Everything You Get… 

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The 7 Core Training Lessons by Instant Download

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My “Action Steps” Worksheet & Checklist

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BONUS: 1-on-1 Coaching Session with Me!

You read it right! By getting this program, I am offering you a full-on 1-on-1 Life Coaching Session with me, not one of my support staff. This is often a life-changing experience where we will determine together what your next step is on your journey to having a life of success and happiness through elevated self-confidence! ($250 Value)


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