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We all know that success and happiness — having the life we want — is achievable … but there’s one very big obstacle that can keep you from having it all, and that’s not having a high enough level of self-confidence. But there’s great news!

It’s easier than you might think.

All it takes is knowing what to do (and what not to do) to build self-confidence to a point where you are unstoppable. And it’s even EASIER because we’ve already developed the steps, information, and facts for you. All you do is grab them, one by one, and apply them to your life!

I’m Blanca McMurray, and I’ve been at rock bottom a number of times and climbed my way out. From a young immigrant, frightened, overweight little girl who couldn’t speak a word of English, I’ve had my fair share of challenges in life.

Fast forward to more recent times, and I’ve become a successful, happy mom and wife and even became a champion body builder at age 50. I’m not bragging; this is to show that ANYONE can do ANYTHING when they put their mind to it and have the right support group and guidance.

That’s the secret which makes everything possible. We have everything within us. We only need to be shown the ropes on what to do. The rest happens on its own. 

Blanca McMurray
Blanca McMurray

I'll Show You How to Build Confidence In Simple, 
Easy-to-Apply Steps

I’ve been a life coach to some very special people in my life, and I’ve put together a program that you can read right from the comforts of your home, office or favorite coffeeshop. 

I’m pleased to announce the 7 Days to a More Confident You program that will teach you how important confidence is in all areas of your life.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to move faster towards your life goals in the shortest amount of time, so you can start to enjoy getting the things you’ve always wanted. 

It’s all been done for you—the information, the research, the lessons, the steps … all have been put together in one single place for you to read, learn and apply to your life. Seriously, this a read it, do it and enjoy the benefits type of program.

You might wonder what a program like this might cost. Much more, what risk is involved? I‘ve decided to do something my friends think I’m a little crazy to even do. But like Seal sings, “We’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.” So here’s my crazy for today, at least until I decide to stop doing this…

I want to give you the first lesson totally FREE. Take it, try it and enjoy the wisdom. Most importantly, apply what you learn to your life. No strings attached, this is for you, with no other obligations whatsoever.

If you love it, you can continue. If not, well … you can enjoy what you learn for the rest of your life.

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Save Time and Get Fast Results

Here’s a quick summary of what’s included in my program:

This Program is all about taking action and getting things accomplished! You’re not just going to get INFORMATION and not know what to do with it.

Take a look at what’s included in these 7 simple Daily Action Steps:

    • DAY 1 will get you off on the right foot! With this one powerful action, you will plant the seed for growth.
    • DAY 2 you’re going to remove the “invisible” stops that hold us back and keep us down!
    • DAY 3 you’re going to narrow in on the exact place in your life or career where you’ll get the most out of building more confidence.
    • DAY 4 you’re going to learn about the falsehoods of confidence that can really mess things up and realize something amazing that is going to make you unstoppable!
    • DAY 5 you’re going to focus on something that will be a game-changer for you!
    • DAY 6 you’re going to get the benefits of confidence, and then you’re going to do something that will set things for now and the future!
    • DAY 7 you’re going to get some effective tips and tricks to show confidence and get some great results instantly!


You’re going to learn about self-confidence and self-esteem, and also the negative sides of these. You’re going to learn about the underlying causes for a lack of confidence, no matter how small or significant it is. We can agree that ANY lack in confidence is a recipe for having unnecessary challenges and “not haves” in our lives. Being reasonable and accepting our shortcomings is NOT the solution.

You will Learn:

      • A deeper understanding of confidence and how to increase it for yourself
      • How to overcoming habits that hold you back
      • Rebuild your overall self-confidence
      • Appearing confident even when you’re not
      • Learn the most powerful “first step” you have to do to make great things happen in your life
      • Realize the underlying causes of low confidence

These are going to put you in the direction of becoming unstoppable!



I have known Blanca for 7 years. She has supported me through many obstacles and helped me become the women I am today. She is able to make you see the opportunity that could be there, even if you don’t see it.

Adrienne Wordswortth

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Here’s What You Get:

The 7 Core Training Lessons by Instant Download

Including simple manageable “Action Steps” that have you seeing results right from Day one! ($150 Value)



My “Action Steps” Worksheet & Checklist

This simplifies the 7-day process and keeps everything in one place for easy reference at any time! ($35 Value) 


Quick-Start Guide #1

Appearing Confident Even When You Aren’t

($30 Value)

Learn “quick tricks” to look the part and begin positioning yourself with confidence right now!

cover of Rebuilding Your Self-Confidence


Quick-Start Guide #2

Rebuilding Your Self Confidence

($40 Value)

Begin rebuilding and strengthening your confidence in all areas of your life.

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1-on-1 Coaching Session with Me!

You read it right! By getting this program, I am offering you a full-on 1-on-1 Life Coaching Session with me, not one of my support staff. This is often a life-changing experience where we will determine together what your next step is on your journey to having a life of success and happiness through elevated self-confidence! ($250 Value)

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Blanca McMurray, Founder of Lemon Theory

We all need a trusted guide to learn from and talk to. I want to be yours. To prove it, I am offering a Life Coaching Consultation at no charge if you sign up today. 

‘What’s the rush?’ I only want to work with action-takers who are serious about taking life by the reins and changing things for the better. 

If that’s you, let’s set a time to talk. You’ll be glad you did.

– Blanca McMurray

Lemon Theory Founder

Your Journey Starts Here!

Lemon Theory
What you’ve achieved so far is incredible, but it’s very difficult to figure things out on your own, especially when standing in the middle of the craziness of life. Working with someone who is external to your problems, challenges and pressures, and able to see what’s really happening is priceless.

Finding who or what is holding you back, learning how to sidestep or overcome your daily opposition, arranging your life for incredible growth and happiness … these vital things and more are what will make creating your ideal life exciting and fun.

Before & After

The underlying message is, if I could do it, so can you. Too often, we think that other people are lucky or special in some way that we’re not. This is just not true. 

We are all gifted with different abilities. We just need to find them and use them to our advantage.

Mostly, we have potential. And with the right guidance, we can accomplish anything.

I’m sharing my photos here to show that I didn’t have special genes or an easy time getting the trophy. 

It takes hard work and dedication. THAT is what gets us to where we want to go.

Blanca before photo


This was me before I decided to lose weight. I was a determined woman but hadn’t decided to change my appearance.

I also hadn’t gotten any guidance, which made things all the tougher. When you have the desire AND the guidance, nothing can stop you but yourself.

That’s where having a coach is priceless. Being encouraged, setting goals and deadlines, someone to answer to. 


This is me after making a few important decisions, bolstering a new purpose, and creating a new activity for myself after my children had all left the nest.

You may not want to be a bodybuilder. That’s fine. The point is that we can change from who and what we are. We can achieve seemingly impossible goals.

Be Stable And Unstoppable!

Take a leap towards a more confident, fulfilled and happier life! Click the red button below to start your journey!


In the time that I have known her, Blanca has taught me many things. If I had to define Blanca’s influence on me with one principle, it would be her mentality that we are all capable.

Piper Corrali