Confidence Boosters

A lack of self-confidence is one thing that stops us from reaching our dreams, enjoying life, trying new things and causing the change we so desire to see in our lives.

Confident people can achieve anything because they aren’t afraid to try new things. They don’t worry about what others will think, they don’t seek out approval from people, and they always go after what they want without being apologetic.

To some people, the self confident person may look a bit selfish or ruthless. But that is a big misread on the self confident individual. For one thing, I’ve never met a go-getter who was not strongly interested in helping a lot of people.

The perception of rudeness is actually just an intolerance of others who get in their way. Think of a fire starting in a wastebasket. Some might ask, “Who lit the fire?” while the self confident person may quickly move the ponderers out of the way and put the growing fire out.

If saving lives seems rude to some people, then so be it. What’s important is the important things are getting done. Wouldn’t you agree?

The amount of effort and willpower it takes to get anything constructive done is underestimated by most people. And there is not enough time in a day to tiptoe around the dreamers and critics, explaining their every move to them in how their actions are not “politically correct”.

One thing that’s preventing most people from attaining their goals, executing their ideas, getting that promotion at work, growing their businesses, or attracting clients is a lack of confidence or fear of others.

Understand that people want to work with individuals who are not just good at what they do but also display confidence and don’t hold back with what they are doing. To hold back is to weaken yourself and sabotage your goals.

Showing confidence is a great way of attracting the right people, having more clients, forming valuable relationships, as well as setting yourself up for the kind of life you want and deserve.

No one is going to give it to you. Being Mexican, maybe an appropriate analogy would be, “You have to grab the bull by the horns.” In other words, do not hold yourself back because of worrying about this or that.

As long as you are ethical and decent to others, don’t get caught up in any other “tricks” of the critic by worrying that someone might say something unsavory about you. That kind of person will, no matter what you do or don’t do, so just get on with your goals in life and disregard what might be said or thought about you. If you are truly helping people, you are going to have the majority cheering you on and defending you.

So, the question remains, how do you show self-confidence when interacting with people, when confronting opposition, negotiating deals, working with others … and in every area and situation of your life?

Here are 5 confidence boosters:

  1. Believe in Yourself

It starts within you. There is nothing that screams “incompetence” more than being hesitant and unsure of what someone is doing or saying. Attracting the right people, forming worthwhile relationships, landing the job you want, closing the deal, attaining your goals … begins with believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself and having faith in what you’re doing enhances your self-confidence and has you imbue confidence when interacting with others. It is important to stand by your decisions and have faith in yourself, your work, your ideas and plans.

And whenever you feel your confidence slipping, reflect on all of your accomplishments—big and small. The magnitude doesn’t matter. What is important is that you made something happen that wouldn’t have if you didn’t try and push through.

  1. Maintain Good Posture and Calmness

People are naturally attracted to individuals who stand straight and tall and maintain eye contact when speaking. They feel good about a sense of calm about a person. These are traits we can always work on to improve and become more natural for our disposition. These are signs of confidence, and it communicates that you are sure of yourself.

Avoid slouching, fidgeting, giggling when not sure what to say and breaking eye contact when interacting with other people. Again, these are things we can hone and improve upon. The first step is to be aware of bad habits and concentrate on bringing forward the desirable ones. Keep a good posture and always appear confident, even if you don’t feel that way on the inside. It will go a long way!

  1. Practice Excellent Hygiene and Good Grooming

The way we look affects how we feel about ourselves. It can either improve self-assurance or weaken it. One for one, confident people practice and prioritize taking care of themselves and dress impeccably.

A clean appearance makes you feel good on the inside, enhances self-confidence, and shows that you know who you are. Practice good grooming, and always dress the part when meeting up with clients, going to work or during social gatherings.

  1. Strike Up Good Conversation

Your ability to start or maintain good conversation shows how confident you are. It also shows intelligence. Interestingly enough, good conversation includes being a good listener!

Find something positive about the person or people you’re talking to. Be interested in what they have to say even if you don’t agree with their views. Realize that you have the upper hand if you start the conversation. You’ve invited someone into your world instead of being invited into someone else’s. That’s powerful.

Being a good conversationalist or able to approach people is an excellent way of showing confidence. It communicates that you are sure of yourself. What’s interesting is most people want to talk but just don’t bring themselves to start the ball rolling. You may be surprised at how happy others become when someone bothers to talk to them! Be the bright light in the room.

People are attentive to those who start conversations, engage in worthwhile conversations, pay attention when others are talking, and ask questions where relevant. So, demonstrate self-confidence by being a great conversationalist.

  1. Smile Often

Smiling is another way of displaying confidence. Smiles are contagious, and people are naturally drawn to those who smile. Cheerful individuals often appear relaxed, happy, and comfortable in their own skin. They have an “I have it all figured out” air about them and are approachable. Smiling keeps people thinking that you are sure of yourself, comfortable in your own skin, happy with your life, and confident about your abilities. Not to mention, it feels good to smile.

Building and showing self-confidence can take work and determination, but with practice, it is absolutely doable. Just keep at it, practice over and over again and use positive thought to bolster the outcome. Things like: “I am really capable” and “I can do so many things” and “I have what it takes” and “I’m so good at…” are examples of positive affirmations you can say out loud daily to improve your self-confidence. The internal supports the external, and vice versa.  One feeds the other. Display self-confidence when interacting with people, and remind yourself just how awesome you are.

Recognize that individuals who appear naturally self-confident weren’t necessarily born that way. They worked on their confidence and practiced until it became second nature to them. You can do the same.

Maintaining your confidence may not be easy at times because of all the uncertainties and unfavorable situations you run into in life. Understand that you can preserve your self-assurance amid the misfortunes, challenges, failures and other challenges. You achieve this by: believing in yourself, realizing that you can still reach your goals, dwelling on positive thoughts, and having faith in what you are doing, despite any setbacks that may happen.

Being sure of yourself as well as displaying self-confidence when interacting with others is the key to succeeding in any area of your life, forming lasting bonds, attracting the right people, preserving good relationships, and reaching for your dreams. Displaying self-confidence isn’t just for appearances. It sets the mood for your entire life. Use these confidence boosters every day!


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