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    What is Stopping You From
    Having the Life You Want?

    The Key to Unlock Your Potential

    We all have dreams, but why do some people have the life they want while others struggle for everything they need?

    Life doesn't come with instructions or warning signs. There's no toolbox filled with the wherewithal for building your life like a virtuoso, and things can seem too challenging to overcome.

    Lemon TheoryTM is the means to an end. It fulfills, supports, motivates and guides exactly the way you need. It's what is missing from the equation for success and true happiness. It is the road map AND empowerment system all in one!

    Find the key to unlocking what's stopping you from the life you want!

    Learn more about how Lemon TheoryTM can make you unstoppable.
    With Lemon Theory you can

    Live the Life You Want!

    Turn self DOUBT into self CONFIDENCE!
    Join us on the journey to make YOUR ideal life,
    just the way YOU want it!

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    "I am going to have the life I want!"
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    3. Follow your thoughtful plan to where you want to be!
    Lemon Theory Step 1-Affirmation
    Lemon Theory Step 2-Strategy Session
    Lem on Theory Step 3-Implement Plan

    “I have known Blanca for 7 years now and during this time she has supported me through many obstacles and has helped me become the women I am today. I met Blanca before I started my career and Blanca has always pushed me to take chances and ‘just go for it!”

    Addy M.


    “When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience with Blanca, my mind inevitably concludes that she is “a blessing in disguise. Her advice was tailored to my personal needs where she gave me one-on-one suggestions I am confident I couldn’t have found elsewhere.”

    Cherie Foster


    “In the time that I have known her, Blanca has taught me many things. If I had to define Blanca’s influence on me with one principle, it would be her mentality that we are all capable.”

    Piper Coralli


    “There are so many wonderful things that I can say about Blanca and the great impact she has made in my life. Her positivity, guidance and determination is enough to inspire you to achieve anything you want for yourself big or small.”

    Mildred R. Aguilar


    3702 Hours of Life Coaching




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